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Mobile prices in Pakistan

Mobile prices in Pakistan

The mobile industry has grown tremendously in the recent years in the Pakistan. Many big brands have set their industry in phones in this mobile frenzy country. The smart phones, windows phones and iphones have been selling like hot cakes in Pakistan.

People want to spend greatly in the phones of big brands if they are getting this luxury at their disposal. They are getting addicted to this necessarily and big companies in Pakistan are making great money. The mobile prices in Pakistan are varied in a large range of varieties. Starting from Rs.7, 500 and ending up to Rs.1, 79, 990, these mobile phones have every kind of leisure, which people find nowadays.

Choose the splendor from this wide range according to your set budget. Think of any big brand’s name in the mobile phone industry and you will be provided its service. Nokia, Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and many brands that are more international have set their foot in this rich country. The people in Pakistan have turned into spendthrifts on luxuries and which has turned into a boon in mobile phone industry.

The Google Nexus 5 smart phones of 16 GB and 32 GB both are up for grabs in this eastern country. The 16GB price being Rs.41,900 and the 32GB cost being Rs.47,990, whichever you choose from because they both have the same qualities only the difference is in their memory card. The lavish Sony Xperia smart phone series is widely available in the Pakistan. The range starts from Rs.11, 900 to Rs.69, 990. This brand attracts many buyers because of its looks and camera quality, irrespective of its price.

The renowned Samsung smart phones are also procurable in Pakistan’s authorized dealer’s showrooms. The cost friendly smart phone is worth Rs.9, 990 and the costliest is the Galaxy Note 3 Pink at the price of Rs.72, 900. The Samsung smart phones have been proven durable and customer friendly in Pakistan. The prices of this successful Japanese brand are also affordable ones to fit in everyone’s pocket.

The Nokia Lumia windows phone is also getable at consumer friendly prices. The pricing range starts from Rs.13, 800 and ends at Rs.58, 900. The colorful windows phone is in the range, which can be afforded by anyone who wants to spend more on features rather than luxury. The renowned Lumia range comes with a minimum of 1 year warranty which is not a deal to be missed.

The Motorola, HTC, and LG Android smartphones starts from a range of Rs.13, 500 to Rs.79, 900. The Motorola smartphones are the basic ones and definitely a value for money deal. The LG Optimus series starting from Rs.28, 900 to Rs.45, 500 is the elite choice for the people of Pakistan. The HTC mobile series are for the middle class because they are an affordable value for money smartphones.

The Apple latest Iphone series and Blackberry are also on deck for the exclusive class of the Pakistan. The Blackberry QWERTY and Touch phones start from a range of Rs.14, 900 and the last model in this brand is for Rs.1, 79, 990. The luxurious and classy Iphone series starts from Rs.54, 900 and the last one in this brand Iphone 5s, 64GB is available at the handsome price of Rs.93, 900.